If you’re looking into the best way to coat or finish a metal surface, powder coating and painting are the two main options worth investigating further. You’ve probably heard the terms a lot before and would certainly understand a fair bit about painting. But how does powder coating differ? What are the pros and cons? And when are you best off using either technique to finish off your metal surface? We look further into both options below. If you still have questions, give us a call to chat further about your requirements.

What is Powder Coating and how does it differ to painting?

Powder coating is the process of coating metals, such as steel and aluminum with a dry powder that is then baked onto the surface. Painting on the other hand is a quick and simple way of covering a surface with wet paint that dries naturally.

What are the benefits of Powder Coating?

Powder Coating is a great option when looking for something that is cost-effective over time. It has a consistently even and subtly glossy finish, it’s eco-friendly, and best of all… durable. Being twice as thick as paint, powder coating is extremely robust and resistant against environmental impacts. It’s great for Australia’s harsh environment and means your toughest and roughest aluminum machinery and metal objects will be protected for a longer period. At Vivid Powder Coating Ballina, we offer a wide range of Dulux powder coating colours allowing you to achieve a high level of consistent colour matching with your other Dulux coated items, even those painted!

In terms of eco-consciousness, powder coating wipes the floor! It is widely known for its low wastage levels, with less than 5% of the material being lost when spraying, the rest being able to be collected and reused again. Wastage is further reduced by each job being specifically measured to the object and only one coat required for application. Powder coating doesn’t contain any solvents, meaning no volatile organic compounds (VOC = potentially harmful gases) are emitted into the environment!

Are there any downsides to Powder Coating?

Not really! Powder coating has many amazing advantages, any downsides actually turned into a positive once you look at them in the long run! Up front, powder coating is a more expensive option in comparison to traditional paints, however, with a finish twice as thick as paint, your finish will last 20+ years, meaning in the long run a more affordable and desirable option. Depending on your needs, powder coating doesn’t suit all objects with its thick coated finish, however, is great for those needing machinery and large household appliances such as refrigerators coated. Powder coating is also known to be quite a complex process… though lucky for you, our team here at Vivid are experts providing this premium service!

Advantages of Painting

For those looking for a thinner finished coating, paint is a great option. Paint is more ideal for objects that cannot be heated. It’s quick, easy and relatively straightforward with a wide range of colours available. Paint is more readily available compared to powder coating… however, for those of you based within the Ballina and Byron Bay regions, our team at Vivid offers industrial powder coating and automotive restoration services.

Does Painting have any downsides?

Painting isn’t the best option in a lot of circumstances due to how long it lasts combined with how much maintenance it requires. When you add into the mix the potential effect on the environment paint can quickly rule itself out of certain scenarios. Paint is highly prone to chipping and is not recommended for high-traffic and outdoor areas due to this lacking durability. In terms of eco-consciousness, 70% of paint is lost in the application process due to over-spraying. This leads to large wastage levels and potential risks of VOCs being emitted if a water-based paint is not used. In-consistencies along the surface of an object are also more likely to occur within a paint application service due to having a harder application process. Paint is also highly vulnerable to chalking and is susceptible to fading when outdoors for a long period, making it a larger cost in the long run.

Which is better? Here’s our verdict

Due to Powder Coating’s strength in delivering a finish that is durable, long-lasting, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and customisable… it is a clear winner in our eyes! For those wanting to coat non-heated objects paint is still a great option, however, for those wanting to coat metal surfaces with a finish that will last decades, powder coat is the way to go! All in all, with a lack of durability, paint is not the most ideal option in the long term when you consider the ongoing costs, maintenance, and deteriorating appearance.

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