The Powder Coating Process

Powder coating is a finishing process in which dry, free-flowing thermoset powder material is applied to a surface, melted, and hardened into an even coating. Before a powder coating can be applied, the object’s surface must be thoroughly pre-treated, meaning that it must be cleaned including the removal of any dirt, grease or rust if it is corroded. After that, a dry electrically-charged powder is sprayed onto the job being coated. This metal job is electrically grounded, meaning that the charged powder particles are attracted to the surface, getting into all crevices and cracks, and spreading evenly over the surface.

Better for the Environment

Once the job is coated with the powder, it is then heated for a short time (cured). This heating process encourages the powder to bond with the surface, forming an outer skin that is more durable than liquid paint. Although liquid coatings have been around longer, powder coating has become more popular because it’s better for the environment, can produce thicker and more uniform paint layers than liquid coatings and can be cured quicker than liquid coatings. Powder coating can actually be more cost-effective as well as opposed to traditional painting methods because it requires less time and materials.

The Three Stages of Powder Coating

There are three stages to this process, surface preparation, coating application, and heat curing. Each stage employs a set of materials and equipment indicative of its particularities (e.g., the curing stage utilizes a curing oven), and, when properly completed, contributes to the production of a durable, even surface finish. Powder coating can be used for architectural, commercial, agricultural, industrial, automotive, and domestic projects. Including handrails, balustrades, stairs, bollards, aluminium window sections, ute trays, canopies, toolboxes, roof racks, outdoor furniture, and more. Most steel, aluminum, cast iron, or stainless-steel items as well. Powder coating is UV, scratch, and corrosion-resistant. Get in touch for Aluminium Powder Coat in Byron Bay.

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